Centrifugal Casting

 1 Spongge iron & DRI plants  : -
 BEC is the largest supplier of centrifugal casting to gas based and coal based sponge iron plants.Some of these items supplied by BEC are given .
2. Heat Reqistance Centrifugal Casted pipe
3. Peplletisin plants :-  Deck rolls.
4. Cement : -
 CFG-RFT plates,tips casting,nose ring segments,cooler grate plates,coolifters,dampers,kiln feed chutes,immersion pipe assembly etc.
5. Power plants : -
 Bull ring and bull ring segment , hollow balls, liners,tubes supports, ash handlling pipes and fittings ,burner diffuser, pump castings,impellers,kaplan blades,pelton runners,sleeves etc.
6. Steel plants  : -  
   Furnance beams and rail,baffles,conveyor parts,furnance doors and frames,blow pipes,furnance skids, dampers,end seals for soaking pit,deck pannels,grate bars etc.
7. Heat treating  : -
 Trays, carburizing boxes,baskets,fixtures,furnance hearths and hearth supporters,roller rails,roller conveyors,skid rails,molten metal pots etc. 
8. Plate mill  : -
 Normalising furnance rollers ,dry and wet rolls for reheat furnances
hearth rolls for continuous annealing line   etc. 
9.  Blast furnance : -
Burden feeder probe .

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